Our Philosophy

+ Our “pipeless” pedicure sinks are properly cleaned and then sanitized after every use (we do not use bacteria harboring pedicure whirlpools)

+ Our metal implements (nippers, pushers, and clippers) are cleaned, disinfected, and then sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave.  They are then sealed in sterilization pouches after every use

+ Our pumice stones, files and buffers are single use and thrown away after each service

+ Our technicians wear a new pair of disposable gloves for every service

+ We do not offer acrylic services

+ We only use LED lights for our Gel Services

+ We will not perform services on any clients that may need to seek professional medical treatment, or that have existing medically diagnosed conditions that are contagious so that we do not put anyone else’s safety at risk

+ With thoughtful curation, we have hand selected the healthiest and highest quality products and polishes to use during treatments